Day: January 16, 2020


“A healing tongue is a tree of life, but a deceitful one crushes the spirit”—Proverbs 15:4

Our words can either comfort or sting like a furious hornet. Stinging words are often aimed at soliciting either a similar response or to cause the recipient to shrink back in fear—they can either start a war or subdue a nation. Even the most “perfect” of us believers may fail to tame our tongue at some point, more so when we are the frequent target of another person’s cruelty.



“Yes, you yourselves planned evil against me. God planned it for good, in order to bring about what it is this day—to preserve the lives of many people”—Genesis 50:20

You’ve probably heard the statement, “It’s all about perspective”! We often say this when we are trying to console ourselves and/or others. Our situation may not seem so bad if we compare it to others in far worse situations that our own. Some may go so far to call it a “reality check” and a sort of “down-to-earth moment”. How often does this make you feel better about your situation, and if it does, how often does that feeling last?

There’s truth to the statement that perspective matters but there’s another perspective that we should consider more often—God’s perspective.