Let’s Take a Walk

Can I convince you to take a trip with me? Better yet, will you save me the trouble of attempting to convince you and willingly join me down a narrow, rocky, road that is often only revealed one step at a time? Sometimes you will feel as if you are all alone; sometimes the horizon will seem farther than you can go. You may encounter people who do not understand you; people who will try to get you to join them on their journey or offer to join you on yours. Beware of who you allow to accompany you, they may come along at the peak of your loneliness in the appearance of a gift from God. On the contrary, many of them are distractions sent from another who like to imitate but is never original. The journey may take you to great heights and unexpected lows, losing many you care about along the way and leaving much of what you value behind; sometimes while traveling. Warning! Looking back at what you’ve lost with regret and longing may cause you to detour, making your journey longer and more rigorous.

I know, I know! why would you join me on a journey that sounds so treacherous and doesn’t seem to offer any rewards. For some – dare I say many – of you this is a familiar path, one that you are currently on at this point in your life. Some of you may have only kept reading out of curiosity and have no clue what I am talking about. So without any further delay let me just come out and say it; I am talking about the Christian life. Actually, I am talking about following hard after Christ. I don’t know about you but I feel the word “christian” – and yes, I meant to use a small “c” – has become a byword that has no meaning. Just because your great, great grandparents were Christians does not mean you are one. But I digress, otherwise we may never end the debate.

So back to the journey I mentioned above; what do you think, are you interested? Let me just say that there are rewards involved in this journey. Rewards that I cannot and will not attempt to describe because they are too wonderful for me. You will never be alone even when you feel you are, because Jesus said He would never leave us nor forsake us. There is no need to keep looking for the horizon or the end of the road because the same Jesus who accompanies us is the same Jesus waiting for us at the end of this leg of the trip. Did you catch that? this is only part of the journey, they rest of it starts with life; life that awaits us with Christ.

So what do you say, will you join me? Trust me, nothing in this life is worth holding on to but while we are here let us love one another as Christ loves us; Let us go in His peace, sharing his love with all who we meet and holding each other accountable to His word.

Let’s take a walk with Christ!






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