Remove from all that you do, the fear of repercussion, challenge, failure, or unwanted burden and you may find a need to act out of love. For love is walking in obedience to our Father’s commands (2 John 6), which are not burdensome (1 John 5:3).
Remove the blinders of sin that cause us to act with a strong focus on self; for willingness is one step forward but the journey is purposed by obedience, which comes through faith (Romans 1:5) and leads to righteousness (Romans 5:16).
Obedience is not simply acting to achieve a promise or to avoid a penalty; for even Christ, who is our promise, was obedient (Luke 2:51), (Philippians 2:8). Walk away from selfish desires and let the Holy Spirit work in us, so that we can put to purpose, that which Christ has commanded us.
Let our faith guide us, seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness (Matthew 6:33); walking in obedience with his will; not turning to the right or to the left, but in steadfast love and faithfulness and we will receive his Grace.
Obedience may require acting against our desires; obedience is a prayerful journey that is built on trust, hope, faith, and community. Obedience requires courage found in our relationship with God. It is the endurance to walk the narrow and often rocky path of faith and righteousness; a journey of reflexive discoveries and relationship building.
For in our obedience we truly get to know Christ and what he has purposed for us. In our obedience we discover our strengths in Christ; in our obedience we learn to truly love as Christ loves us; in our obedience we learn and are able to share the power of faith.


Greg Nembhard






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