Someone standing in the mirror keeps pointing out something in you, something that is trying to claw its way out of a pit of fear and confusion. Reminding you that for most of your life you have searched for signs of what is your destiny; that you have made every effort to help others and doing your best to live right. You have slipped and you have fallen, many times, but somehow have always managed to pick yourself up. Realizing that you are still not walking straight, you spend many unrevealing hours seeking ways to have a positive impact. A stranger tells you that you have to first overcome your own obstacles before you can reach that next level and those words continue to echo through your thoughts. You have been moving forward with little progress, taking the long road hoping to finally get around these obstacles but they somehow seem to find you, or maybe they are apart of you. Your thoughts are sometimes loud and angry; casting a shadow over your soft voice.  Your will remains the strongest of your qualities. You share your most precious gifts with others because you find peace in knowing they provide substance and nutrients to a life, a day, or even a moment. This is possibly your moment but the only way to affirm that is to embrace it. This maybe your gift; the gift of God to you for others and through which your blessings will come. So don’t fight it, let God nourish it in you. Find joy in your gifts and peace with the One who gave these gifts to you.  Love knowledge, love understanding, love one another, love yourself, and love the Lord.

Love is the answer, obedience is your map.


Greg Nembhard






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