A Soft Answer Turns Away Wrath

Why do you beat your chest and speak with such veracity? Why is ego your platform and pride your microphone? Why do you speak into what you have no power to do and speculate about what you do not know? Why are you controlled by your imagination? Is your word able to create what you imagine? Does the mirror reveal what is not there or respond when you speak to it? Is fire void of heat or are clouds without vapor?

It is easy to point the finger at the fault in an aftermath and to imagine what we would do differently after a disaster has occurred. It is even easier to criticize those we oppose but that which is easy, is not always right and right living is not always easy. We waste time and effort when we stay on the road of criticism. Let your voice be heard but move on to finding ways to correct and recover. Yes, this may require working with someone you oppose but Christ teaches us to pray for those who persecute us; to love those who hate us.

This is possibly a stretch for you but the rewards are much greater and the fruits much more enjoyable. Speaking peace with a violent tongue is as effective as opening a door with a wrecking ball. The voice of knowledge says a “soft answer turns away wrath” yet we tend to lean on natural intellect and human instinct.

We live in a two-dimensional world – spiritual and natural – in the popularity contest, the natural world is way ahead but only because it is competing against itself. The spiritual world does not engage in competition, it embraces obedience; it does not take part in popularity contests, it seeks out humility. What is your veracity and chest beating appealing to? Obedience and humility flee from such behavior. Take a moment, lift up your eyes and try to discern the direction you are traveling. There is an intersection ahead, one way leads to life, the other to death but there are no signs to point you in either direction. So slow down, pray, think on all that you have seen, heard, and learned. Consult the only resource that shows the way to life; the written word. Reach out to the only Source of life; Lift up your voice and seek God. Stop beating your chest, step down from your egotistic platform, turn off pride, step away from the mirror, and lend your gifts to a righteous cause.






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