Rise Above the Petty

An appreciation for ones talent and hard work is often overlooked by those who benefit from them the most.  Strength and resilience through prayer will help you find the resolve to overcome.  Being a manager does not necessarily make a person an effective leader and the most effective leader may be a horrible bosses.  Regardless of where you are in the hierarchy, know that hard work is always noticed; even if those who should be looking are distracted. May the perception of an unjust situation be just that, a perception! Place value on yourself without adding a price tag, take stock of your skills and apply them to what you love, forgive those who look down on you, and inspire those who admire you. Never let ignorance drag you down; simply being above pettiness can create positive change. Finish the story in your own way, those who feel they have the power to write it for you will be left powerless.

Don’t let the perspective of others determine your sense of worth and confidence.  Too often we bury our efforts with the draining sense of hypocrisy that surrounds us. The hatred and criticism spewed from those who hide behind the idea of free speech is often a sign of fear; fear that you will overcome the obstacles they place before you.  We are children of an everlasting God, who, through faith will clear any obstacle. This should be the only motivation that drives you, the fuel you need to keep the intensity of your fire burning.  Allowing someone else to determine your destiny is embracing their imagined sense of control; don’t let the enemy trick you into failing to be who you are called to be. Folding under pressure and giving up at each barrier only work against your abilities and gives others the satisfaction of watching you fail. Give everything you do all that you can, because you can; not to prove to the world that you have the ability to surpass expectations. Proving a point, while worth the effort sometimes, takes the focus away from the real issues and often work to the benefit of the undeserved, if you over-do it. Instead prove your point by being you and continuing to do your best at what you do while making an assertive effort to learn something new each day, remaining in prayer each step of the way. Remember too, that pride is your enemy. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a friend during those trying times and never turn your back on someone deserving of your assistance. No one person has all the answers nor the abilities to take on everything this world throws at us; if you know one let me know! But I know a God that does.  Seek Him first; seek His righteousness  and the other “things” will be added unto you.


Greg Nembhard






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