Wayward Heart

There it is again; the skipping and dancing
What is it that you are doing and where are you trying to take me

Oh, my heart
Your normal rhythm is altered; there is now no pattern
My body shimmers and shakes, yet not in fear
My mind is at ease, my thoughts uninterrupted
Life seems to make sense; I can’t make sense of it

You were wayward for a time
Seeking that which is harmful to you
Settling for what is not worthy of you
You have embraced robbers and thieves
Those who would steal you away for harm

Yesterday, in the midst of darkness, you were taken
Lost and alone, you drifted off in the deep
A cold and lifeless state with no hope of return
Yet, in the distance, there remained a shimmering light

Take hold of hope my heart, and stray not from the light
A new day breaks out; the light grows full
Warm days remain, yet unseen; yet unseen
Wonder not from the light; the source of strength and hope

Return to me, my heart
There is yet work to be done; much to be accomplished
Lean not on your own strength; abandon all understanding
Do not worry for the day nor tarry for the night
Trim your lamp and keep the oil flowing; give light to my soul

Raise your thoughts to Him who rescued you
Sing to Him who revived you
The light that brought you home also sustains you
He is doing a wonderful thing in you; a beautiful work; transformation begins
Your normal rhythm is altered; take hold of Love, of Resurrection, of Life

There it is again; the skipping and dancing
Dance, for the hope that remains
Skip, for joy has found you out; Love has searched you out
Life brings a warm embrace; embrace Him

Oh my heart; He is your way home!






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