Season of Joy

He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.
                                                   (Psalm. 91:4, NKJV)

What was on your heart when you woke up this morning or as you were closing out the night and heading to bed? Was it love, fear, or just a list of what you need to get done today? If you live or work in a city it is not hard to see the extra precautions being taken amid the rise in violent crimes and terror threats. You can see and feel paranoia permeating the atmosphere; eyes gazing suspiciously as you reach to your belt clip for your cell phone, or paying extra close attention to the bag you are carrying. You may even one of those people acting in such a way. It may or may not be fear that motivates us, it could be that you are simply being alert to your surroundings, and rightly so.

I did not wake up with these things on my mind. No, I woke up with a song of praise on my heart, accompanied by a strong desire to pray for those who God placed on my heart. Yet, it is difficult to ignore the sites and scenes as I travel to work. It is evident that change has arrived and there is no indication it will return to “normal” anytime soon. We are in a season of the watchmen who are diligently and obediently sounding the alarms. Warning of a mighty wind sweeping in from the east, bringing with it the locusts of war; an invading army with judgement beneath their wings. There is a mighty wave rising from the northeast carrying with it that which aims to consume everything before it. Is this not the season of the watchmen?

Yet, it is not just the sound of danger that the watchman trumpets. He also awaits the return of the Royal Party. He eagerly awaits the return of his King, Who has left charge of the city to the elect ones. The watchmen long to blow the trumpet of Jubilee; the sound that gathers together those who rejoice in the King; whose spirit reflect the Kings desires and are faithful to carry out all that He charges them with. The watchmen await the day they are relieved of the duty; when walls are no longer necessary, for their King brings peace and safety.

Are we not the watchmen and women set in place to warn the nations that stray from the commands of our Lord? Do we not more eagerly await the return of our King more than the march of the enemy? Yet we know that the enemy is already on the move and that his attack is imminent and must begin before the King returns. So we stand fast, not in fear and not to cower safely behind the walls of the church. We must stand boldly on the walls and blow the trumpet. We must diligently proclaim that which our King has commanded us.

Jesus, our King is coming to relieve us of our duty but we must not be slack in it. He will tear down the walls and build around us peace, joy, and love. Until then, we are dwelling on the battlefield and must remain vigilant. We must stay sharp and diligent, not allowing the fog of war to set in or letting the noise of the enemy scare us. We cannot let the shouts of Goliath cause our hearts to faint for we serve a mighty God whose sling casts a mighty Rock. We serve a God who cannot be outdone and who does not become intimidated by the sight of many who oppose Him. We serve a God who goes before us and is our Shield.

So stand up and rejoice, for the battle is already won. Rejoice in our Lord Jesus Christ and don’t let the enemy steal your joy………………rejoice in the Lord!






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  1. Colleen Quinn Avatar
    Colleen Quinn

    Thanks for the good words


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