Light of God or Dark Accuser?

“Like the glaze covering an earthen vessel are fervent lips with an evil heart. Whoever hates disguises himself with his lips and harbors deceit in his heart; when he speaks graciously, believe him not, for there are seven abominations in his heart; though his hatred be covered with deception, his wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.” (Proverbs 26:23-26)

An accusation has come up against me for my service in the house of the Lord. Nuriel has stood up to accuse me. The court is in session and his multitudes seek to incite the peoples against me. He dresses himself in the light of God but darkness surrounds him. Their threats echo through the hearts and minds of those who sit before the altar. Yet, I will prevail; Michael has stood up to defend me. One has been appointed to withstand the many and under his wings I am shielded from fear.

My home dwells in the midst of a battle field. The tumult of multitudes steals away my peace; my joy is reduced to nothing and my heart is squeezed of every tear. Many voices have lent their lips to my aggressor and my foundation is under assault. My joy to serve is cast into the chambers. Joseph knows my travail and the anguish that aims to crush my soul. Job sees my tribulation and warns of speech without knowledge.

The enemy has aimed straight at my heart and seeks to turn me away from my Father’s house.

My couch has become my enemy; my back bends under the weight of many accusations. But I shall not be broken. I will seek the Lord in prayer and fasting for my defender is great and pleads my case without reservations. Some stand to accuse but my intercessors are many. They stand in solidarity knowing my shame is cast aside. I have been washed and cleansed of my past iniquities and my God embraces me.

Yet I must withdraw and seek the Lord in prayer and fasting. I must go out into the wilderness for a time. The Spirit of God compels me for I cannot do this alone. My accusers are tall and strong; dwelling in the shadows above their victims. But they have been revealed; their plot has been exposed. My defender is appointed and my case is decided yet I must remain in prayer for the fulfillment of my joy is yet ahead.

Christ my Savior reigns supreme and intercedes on my behalf. He is above all powers and principalities. He sits at the Right hand of the Father while His Spirit is at work in me; cleansing me of all unrighteousness and preparing me for my reward. They growl as lions but the Lion of Judah whispers a thunderous word. “Let not your heart be troubled” He says. “Let love remain in your heart and tolerance be ever before you. Seek Me and you shall live. My peace I give you; dwell in it with patience and your travails shall all be washed away”.






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