Tumultuous Times

“Do not keep silent, O God! Do not hold Your peace and do not be still, O God! For behold, Your enemies make a tumult; and those who hate You have lifted up their head. They have taken crafty counsel against Your people and consulted together against Your sheltered ones”. (Psalm 83:1-3, NKJV)

Who will stand for you when the court is called to order and whose wings shall be your shelter? In whom do you place your trust and under what covering do you stand to find shade from the fire storm?

They have blanketed the skies with their lies and have set in place a stage for their deceit. They believe their own lies and their smiles are as that of the innocent. In their corruptness they believe they speak in innocence but are indeed aids of the devil. They cover up what is coming on the earth with lies and scientific rhetoric. They dress in white to cover the blackness of their hearts. In their chambers they plot the demise of the innocent and in their bed they flirt with the enemies of heaven.

Their smiles are poisonous and their lips carry a heavy burden. They deceive the masses and tell lies to “keep people calm”. They believe their willful deceit is to protect the people from themselves and to keep the nations from falling into chaos. They have convinced themselves that they act honorably but their honor are but chains anchored to the titanic.

The people are running to one whose smile is but external and whose words cover a multitude on iniquities. Yet not for love of the brethren; but for the service of self and the pride of wealth.

Have I confused you enough yet? It is difficult to say plainly what I see and the things that are revealed to me. In the nights watch I see calamity racing toward those who dwell in safety and deceit flowing from those who wear the cross upon their shoulders. The devil has long infiltrated the church and few are they who fight to keep the darkness back. Yet we are warned that the saints will be given into his hands to overcome them for a time.

Rulers of the nations and leaders in the Church have given over their authority to the devil and are in the process of dividing the Glorious land through deceit and treachery. Through an attempt to flatter the chosen people, some have given permission (without authority) to deny Christ and in their deceit attempt the drag the church toward the flames of hell.

The heavens are writhing in labor pains and what is coming will soon be revealed but even that, they have attempted to cover up. The signs have been discounted as mere “norms”. They have tried to veil the eyes of the people with what they would have them believe. Many have fallen away from the church for the sake of “peace” without even knowing it for they still frequent the building. They think they fight on the side of truth but have merely switched sides in the spiritual battle for their shall be no peace with man. Abominations rest their elbows on the altar and wag their fingers at those who dare to hold to the word of God. They say, “We have the truth” but the truth has long escaped them and their dealings are that of lies and worthless lusts.

Religion is on the lips of many but spirituality escapes them. Some speak of spirituality but righteousness is far from them. They preach of humanity but are blind to humanity’s fallen nature. World leaders are racing to the riches that flow beneath the earth but it shall be used to stoke the flames that will swallow them whole. They leave cities in ruins but do not realize they are but the tools God has chosen  to fulfill what He has long ordained. “Damascus shall be a ruinous heap” and indeed it now is. Nations shall be gathered together and indeed they are now on their way.

So, Who will stand for you when the court is called to order and whose wings shall be your shelter? In whom do you place your trust and under what covering do you stand to find shade from the fire storm?






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