Life Through Death

Who is your king? How will you set aside your own life in a frail attempt to pacify your position?

The Jews cried out, “We have not king but Caesar” simply because they were afraid of losing their position. They saw their fame being challenged by someone they considered to be a peasant carpenter from a small town that never had any good to offer.

I can ‘t think of the many times when I set aside Christ so that I could have momentary satisfaction. Yet, He never stopped waiting for me at the next crossroad. Each time waving a sign that reads “dead end”. Even in those moments I was so distracted by my own ambitions and desires that I never paid attention. I went on as if I had it all under control, though as I was only speeding towards the cliff.

Thanks to God for His faithfulness and for getting my attention just in time to prevent me from crashing to the bottom of a rocky cliff. Though, I must admit that I went through the guardrail and was only saved by the Rock perfectly positioned to catch me.

So I ask again, who is your king and what will you do to hold on to it? I lost everything I was fighting to hold on to; at least that’s what I thought until God revealed to me that He was simply shaving away useless habits. He was stripping away those things that I had made kings over my life so that He can be the King I had so longed to exalt.

Will you then continue to exalt a king that you know seeks only to control you. The real question then could be “What” is your king? Those things that stand between Christ and us are kings: hobbies, money, toys, and all manner of material things; wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, and even family and friend who mean more to us that our relationship with Christ are kings in our lives.

On this Good Friday we reflect on the crucifixion of Jesus. We reflect on the tragic events surrounding the condemnation of man on their Creator. We reflect on the prophecies and how they were fulfilled on the cross. Still, it’s difficult not to reflection on the resurrection because we already know the outcome. He is risen!

Yes, we know the outcome of what has passed and we rejoice in life through death. We also know what is yet to come because the risen Lord Himself has told us in advance. If we know what happened over 2000 years ago, why then would we not be prepared for what is to come shortly? If we have been given hope, why do we continue to turn to hopeless kings and things that only take from us all that is good and leave us to bare our sins?

Why not turn to Christ who takes our sins and gives us life?






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