“Yes, you yourselves planned evil against me. God planned it for good, in order to bring about what it is this day—to preserve the lives of many people”—Genesis 50:20

You’ve probably heard the statement, “It’s all about perspective”! We often say this when we are trying to console ourselves and/or others. Our situation may not seem so bad if we compare it to others in far worse situations that our own. Some may go so far to call it a “reality check” and a sort of “down-to-earth moment”. How often does this make you feel better about your situation, and if it does, how often does that feeling last?

There’s truth to the statement that perspective matters but there’s another perspective that we should consider more often—God’s perspective.

We may not have total awareness of our situation, and may be wondering why we are in the space that we are in. We see in part, a very small part, but God sees everything at once. Joseph comforted his brothers by showing them a different perspective to the entire drama that ensued the family for years, but I’m sure he didn’t always see it that way. What mattered is that Joseph didn’t lose faith in God, and neither should we.

We cannot see from God’s perspective, but we can trust that He sees us and our situation and that He will get us through it. We must develop a right perspective to our situation and it should always be focused God-ward.

Today, if you find your self asking “why” about the situation you are facing, make sure you train your eyes on God and not others. Comparing your situation to that of others may offer some temporary relief but having a right perspective—one that is focused on God— is the ultimate, permanent solution. Train your eyes on God and seek His guidance and you will emerge victorious!






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