America In Biblical Prophecy

“Thus he explained: ‘The fourth beast will be a fourth kingdom on earth that will be different from all the other kingdoms. It will devour the whole earth, and trample it and crush it.

Daniel 7:23

It comes up at Bible studies, conferences, and during televised or live radio programs. “Where is America in Biblical prophecy?” the question is often preface by comment like “we are the most powerful nation on earth” and “given our unique place in history”……. surely America must be in the Bible! Some theologians have tried to satisfy the curiosity of the questionner by pointing to the eagle in Revelation 8:13 or the lion with eagles’ wings in Daniel 7:4.

I have two questions. 1. Does it matter? 2. Which beast in Biblical prophecy would you want America to be, especially since no of them are referred to in the positive? I could get technical and say that American is actually in the bible under the banner of “all nations” but I’m sure that wouldn’t be a welcome answer. I think the most important question is, what kind of nation does America want to be? We use titles like “exceptional”, “Christian/Judeo-Christian”, “light on the hill”, “nation of laws”, etc., but is American a faithful nation?

Has America made freedom its main idol and through it imported every form of idolatry imaginable? This nation has accomplished a great deal and done wonderful things for the world. One of its greatest accomplishments was to put man on the moon and as I write this, is getting ready to launch a rocket with the hope of going beyond the moon. These accomplishments speaks volumes of the wisdom and talent of those involved in these projects. However, one has to wonder if there is not a spiritual element in the naming of these rockets? Afterall, both rocket are names after the Greek gods Apollo and Artemis. Is America on a mission to disprove the Bible in the name of the very idols of a nation that is actually in bible prophecy? Would finding so called “proof of life” on another planet bolster the atheist’s argument?

As you’ve probably noticed, I like asking questions. So here is one more. Do you think I am over-spiritualzing the whole Apollo-Artemis issue, or have we not given enough spiritual consideration to this and other matters?

Ok, maybe one more. If America is in Bible prophecy, how do you think we appear in God’s eyes?





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